Susan Lugli

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Rays'd Up Ministry

By Susan Lugli

Look Beneath the Surface ... Rise Up in Dignity and Value ...
Burst Through to New Life

My passion is to share the short stories I have written about the different stages in my life. Hopefully, you can identify with the journey and recognize where you are, and be inspired.

Through my own life experiences I have learned to be BETTER not BITTER no matter what the circumstance. I now call tests or trials my opportunities. Opportunities to prove that with faith, hope and love 'Nothing is Impossible'.

The tests (opportunities) in my life have made me more acquainted with myself. They brought out what is in me. What God did with me later depended on how I passed the test I was in now. Tests (opportunities) don't change. I DID! It was not my circumstances that needed to be changed it was me. I was willing to learn that victories and mistakes are either stepping-stones or stumbling blocks. We all have choices.

These stories are about me, but that is not important. They are a testimony showing how one life can be changed through many years of believing in God's promises.

We all have our own stories. I hope these will encourage and give you strength to travel whatever road you are on and help you make the right choices for your life.

Susan Lugli