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Susan speaks on behalf of Burn Survivors. She also speaks at Christian Woman Retreats, church meetings, and support groups. She is available to speak to your group. Please contact for more information.


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Heartache of Drug Abuse
"You are no longer our son, and you are not welcome in our home anymore." I heard those words come out of my husband's mouth early one morning. I felt like someone had taken a knife and stabbed me in the heart. One side of me wanted to protect my youngest child, and the other was angry with my husband for saying such harsh words. I was not ready to let go of my only son. I had always made my children my life, and had tried to prepare for the empty nest when the time arrived. No one could have prepared me for this time in our lives.

Desires of the Heart
It was late at night in front of my house. The floodlights were on, and worship music was playing. I sat in the dirt beside four flats of flowers waiting to be planted. My tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought back over the past twenty-five years. I had married this man when I was eighteen years old and now he wanted a divorce. He had just moved his belongings out that day, and I was determined to make myself happy by planting my flowers. When I was a child, my aunt had always told me that if you have lots of flowers outside your home it meant you had a happy home. For the first time in my forty-four years I was totally alone. The children were grown and on their own, and now I was, too.

A Greater Plan
I awakened from a sound sleep as I was thrown across our motor home. Dishes crashed all around me. In an instant, a wall of flames separated me from my husband Rusty, who was driving, and our 27-year-old daughter, Nikki, in the passenger seat.
Intense heat chased me away from them. I pleaded with God to save us all or none of us. As I spotted a gash in the side of the aluminum wall of the motor home I kicked my way through. Even though I wasn't on fire, I could see my skin melting. Blood ran down my forehead and into my eyes, blurring my vision as I tried to escape.
The grass in the gully where I landed was in flames. As I crawled away from the motor home, the fire pursued me. I crawled to a wire fence and tried to climb it, but fell back because my feet were burned and raw. As I was racing from the menacing flames I screamed, "Save my family! Save my family!" Billowing black smoke blinded me as our motor home incinerated. I collapsed, sobbing, sure that Rusty and Nikki had burned alive since the seats where they had sat just moments before were consumed in the inferno.

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