Susan Lugli

About Susan Lugli

Susan Lugli is a Christian speaker and author.

1993 was a year that changed her life forever. She, her husband and daughter were in a severe motor home accident. After a long recovery she started giving back by working with burn survivors and their families.

From 1994 until 2000 Susan worked as a volunteer peer counselor at University of California at Davis and Shiners. She has been very involved with the Phoenix Society, which helps burn survivors and their families, since 1995. Susan has also conducted many workshops and support meetings at the World Burn Congress.

Susan wrote "Out of the Fire" in 1998 which was published in the magazine Today's Christian Woman's. That same year she was also profiled in Woman of Faith New Testament Bible and Holding onto Heaven.

In 2001, Susan started to attend C.L.A.S.S. Seminars (Christian Leaders, Authors, Speakers, Seminars) to improve both her speaking and writing abilities. Since that time many of her stories have been published in articles, magazines, and compilations books.

She became a Certified Personality Trainer in 2003. This has helped her to effectively reach people in workshops and support meetings on a more personal level. Susan regularly speaks to Burn Support Groups, Church Groups, Women's Retreats and Events.

Susan's Book Just Get Over It

Do you want to be BETTER not BITTER no matter what the circumstance? This book will inspire you to find the hope in life, even through the fires and out of the ashes. This collection of short stories drawn from the dramatic experiences of every stage of life will encourage and delight you. Hopefully, you can identify with the journey and recognize where you are, and be inspired to go further, even if you need to “get over it”.

I hope these stories will encourage you and give you strength to travel whatever road you are on and help you make the right choices for you. Once you “Just Get Over It!” may you go on to triumph!